Specialising in web3 and financial services roles

You're struggling with

We help by

1. Filling vacancies / losing candidates to competitors

Enhancing your brand’s visual impact and ensuring broad coverage for your available positions.

2. Wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates

Diving deep into your company to grasp your culture, needs, and services. Combining this with an executive-search approach, we will showcase only the top candidates.

3. Long lead times

Cutting down closing times by up to 40%*. Typically, organizations take 42 days to fill roles. With our framework and preparation, we can achieve much quicker results.

We understand the importance of making the right hires.

Growth Hiring

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In - House

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The Annexio way

We know that finding the right hire  is tough. To show how fixated we are on finding you the perfect hire we present the Annexio Promise.

This means if a new hire leaves within the first 3 months, we will find you a replacement, free of charge.

Terms and conditions apply