Annexio = Connecting (Latin)

It’s what we do…

Creating long standing connections where it matters

Making the right hires is essential for the success of your company. It involves crafting an enticing job offer that outshines your competitors, finding the best talent, and having individuals who can bring them all together seamlessly.

Our name reflects our dedication to forging ideal connections between businesses and talent. With more than ten years of combined expertise in recruitment within our specific industries, you can trust that our team’s access to top candidates and specialised focus will consistently connect you with top-tier candidates.

Our Mission

To establish trust as the preferred hiring partner for financial services and web3 companies, and to successfully onboard the next one million hires.

man sitting on chair and looking laptop computer

Our story

In 2023, husband and wife Eamonn and Sarah decided it was time for a new type of recruitment company, one that specialises in web3 and web2 convergence.

  • Unwavering commitment

    Every member of the Annexio team acts with a personal sense of ownership for the success of our candidates, our clients and our company. No task is too big or too small.

  • Positive impact

    We believe that every interaction needs to result in a net-positive experience for clients and candidates alike. Whether it’s an exploratory call, answering questions or consulting, we want what’s best for you.

  • Full transparency

    We believe the industry is in need of transparency. If you didn’t get the role, we’ll let you know. If we aren’t able to fill your position, we’ll let you know. We put quality and a positive experience over quantity.